May 23, 2018

How to get FREE Traffic from Email system

Classified Ad Submissions Sells Like Crazy And Your List Will Love It!

The reason we structured the pay this way is that it gives you the maximum commission possible right away based on your own efforts. So let's see how much money you could potentially make promoting classified ad submissions

Now before you get too excited we cannot guarantee that you will make this much money. It all depends on your abilities, and individual efforts. The higher numbers are NOT typical but we do regularly pay out commissions every month and we have some affiliates who have made thousands in commissions with us and continue to make commissions each month. However, if you make the sales, we do guarantee to pay you!

Why You Should Consider Joining The Classified Submissions Team!

  • Classified Ad Submissions Are Hot! This Is An Easy Sell!
  • You Get Paid Recurring Monthly Commissions! One Customer Alone Can Generate $100's In Commissions
  • Top Notch Professional Banners And Sales Material Ready For You To Use Now.
  • Unlimited Market- There Are Thousands Of People Posting Classified Ads Everyday. These Are All Your Prospects! 
  • Unlimited Market- There Are Thousands Of People Posting Classified Ads Everyday. 
  • Customers Are Happy And Many Stay Subscribed. Your List Will Love You For Recommending This Service.
  • No Waiting. Get Started Immediately
  • Referrals Are Tracked For One Year. If A Customer Orders One Year After Clicking Your Link You Get Credit.
  • Great Support And Ninja Affiliate Tips To Help You Make More Money. We Want You To Be Successful!
  • You Can Re-Brand Our Free Ebook With Your Affiliate Link And Earn Recurring Affiliate Commissions Giving Away A Valuable Free Ebook
  • We Have Multiple Autoresponders Following Up With Your Leads. There Are No Affiliate Links In The Follow Ups So You Get Full Credit For The Sale Even If Somebody Orders After The 10th Email Follow Up!