Living The Laptop LifeStyle


It's not just about the money... It's about the lifestyle.. of earning more,working less,and enjoying life!

Like many people in today’s economic climate, their circumstances forced them to make changes to the way they earned an income.

1. Initial Investment

If you are starting out online, then don’t expect to invest zero. Many people think that they can start out online with nothing and earn millions. They may well have their bubble burst. We talk about the reality of starting out online. Just as you can’t start an offline business with no money, so it follows that you will need to have some money to invest into your internet business.

2. The Pitfalls of Working for Yourself

If you are just starting out to build an online business, then you will need to be disciplined. The importance of time management and keeping to schedules is crucial when you are working for yourself. Living a laptop Lifestyle gives some useful tips and offers some tools that the couple use to help them schedule their time.

3. Mindset

Living a Laptop Lifestyle does have a large section on mindset and you might wonder why. When starting out online you will realize that you will be working in isolation, so keeping a positive mindset is essential to your success.

4. Keeping Focused

One of the reasons that stop many newcomers from succeeding in an online business, is that they keep chasing ‘shiny objects’. This means that they start one system, then a new one comes their way, so they drop everything to start something new and never complete any!